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The notebook is a huge part of the daily experience in science class.  Each day when students come in, they date a page, do an "entry task" (answer a question, copy a definition, etc.).  Once the day's activities have been gone over, students attach all handouts in the science notebook with white glue (I provide it).  They do the labs and activities in their notebook, and then students do an "exit task" type reflection.  90% of the work done in class will be done in the science notebook.  For this reason, we invest a lot of time off the bat getting things set up correctly.

Things you should know:

  • Yes, you really should have a FIVE STAR and not another kind of spiral.  This is because I have formatted things to fit on these size pages, and this is the size storage I have in my classroom.  Besides, these last longer.
  • We don't use glue sticks. Why? Because not only do caps get lost and the sticks dry out, but the papers don't stay glued in with glue sticks.  For this reason, I supply white glue to glue papers in.  This may sound messy, but isn't if you place about 6 dots of glue on the back of handouts (I'll show you how).
  • Science Notebooks may stay in class (I provide storage), but should be taken  home when necessary for studying or completing work that was not completed in class.
  • We color code things in your science notebook every day, so having a small set of colored pencils or highlighters is very important, as is a ruler for marking straight edges, etc.
  • Your notebook will be graded periodically. Use the table of contents below to be sure your notebook is in order and complete.


2009-2010 Earth Science

Table of Contents

Page # Left Side=LEARNING    **Classroom activities, Notes, Labs Page # Right Side= REFLECTION   **Practice, Review, Analysis, Personal reflection
X X Author Page/10 illustrations
x Table of Contents x Table of Contents
x Table of Contents x Table of Contents
x Table of Contents x Table of Contents
1 Lab Safety Contract 2 Safety What's Wrong...
3 Lab Safety Symbols 4 Lab Safety Poster
5 D&T Activity 6 D&T Reflection
7 1.1 Notes: What is Physical Science? 8 Mystery Footprints
9 1.2 Notes: Scientific Inquiry 10 Inquiry Diagram
11 Penny Lab 12 Penny Lab Analysis
13 Steps to a Graph 14 Graph Diagram
15 16
17 18
19 20
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